⛪The Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris is no longer in the news.  Yet it is news as a symbol of belief.  Why does and should our Judeo-Christianity roots be ignored?  The why and should is that there exists an element afoot whose sole purpose is the demise of our society.  The lack of belief/religion is their fodder.

⛪It continues with today's bombing of churches in Sri Lanka--Let us pray for those who have been killed.


😕Laura Ingram of Fox questioned the choice of some of Times 100 Most Influential People in the World list:

1) Model Chrissy Teigen who is quoted when asked what word she wanted to use to help women--her reply was to use the F-Bomb 👹"expletive you"; and there is

2) Christine Blasey Ford 👺 whose testimony in opposition to Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme failed the "truth" test.

And "Time" bases its choice on WHAT!!!!.

The Mueller Report is out and it just didn't get what the Democrats desired.  Now, they say let's have more hearings.


Thank you Governor Newsom and Democrats for making California what it is today--


  R - e - a - l - l - y.  Those in Sacramento must take credit for the enactment of state laws and for ignoring federal law.

Democrat controlled California are making an effort to not have President Trump's name on the 2020 ballot for President.  Who says California is a part of the United States with the freedoms provided by the Constitution🃏--not those who run the State of California.

U.C. Berkeley, California:  Conservatives not wanted or I should say wanted if U.C. wished to maintain their "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" reputation.


Praying Circle

Pray for the State of California, that is governed by inane elected officials, and for President Trump who is making every effort to make the America great again..
Pat Scott, our good friend and long time member going through cancer treatment
Grace Ellis, a long time member, who is going through chemotherapy.
Robert Santino, cousin of Diana is a candidate for experimental medication and care.  Pray that his life threatening disease may be cured.
Lil Fichtenkort, YVRW member is recovering from surgery.  Lil is battling cancer and has been doing so for a long time.  Please keep this wonderful lady in your prayers.
Larry Vogel, a friend who is seriously ill.  In long term care.
Ellie Rowe, YVRW member who recently fell and is in extended care
James Gracey, diagnosed with cancer

Wendy Jardine, a friend suffering from cancer of the lungs
Ron Artale, a member ICF in hospital
Ellie recommends that all who live alone get a "Life Alert" or like item-- !

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in contra costa county Est. 1966

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