by Diana Rentz 

2020 rings in Impeachment! Impeachment of the Democrat members of the “House”?

Unfortunately NOT: from the time President Trump won his election the Democrats have,  

with the help of public and civil service employees and that of the bias media have been at

 work to upend President Trump’s election. President Trump is not of a meek/mild 

Disposition and will and does fight back. The President continues to counter-punch with 

Support of us voters. 

It appears that the healthy economy under President Trump exercised by people from all

 Political stripes has caused the leftist Democrats to be at a stalemate with their desired 

Impeachment intention (not moving forward)—and any such action would be a “no go” in the 

Republican held Senate.

California is always at the fore front. That is; California residents need to be aware of laws 

With regard to planting a tree or removing a tree, opening or closing a business,”smoking 

”inside or outside of your home, building or removing a home, parental “do’s and don’ts”,

 Government education control, etc. Stepping on freedoms is California’s goal. That is, of 

Course, if you are not a criminal, in prison or committing assaults. Ain’t California grand under 

It’s Liberal Governor and Legislature! 

To be watched is how freedom is being re-defined by liberals in schools and Universities. They

 Are in control of education. Conservative view and thoughts are withheld. The United States

 Of America has always been a beacon for people who seek the freedom of speech, the 

Freedom to worship and the freedom to achieve. 

Time for Californians to change those who are holding education hostage.

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in contra costa county Est. 1966