in contra costa county Est. 1966

​​Club Information
Monthly Meetings at Oakhurst Country Club

1001 Peacock Creek Drive, Clayton, CA 94517

3rd Wednesday of every month at 10:00 am--arrive when you can (speaker is approximately 11:00am, with lunch following), $30 includes hot lunch and speaker 
(except in March and October evening dinner meetings at 6:00 pm)
$40 evening dinner and speaker

President: Elizabeth Hansen

    Vice President: Susan Damask

Educating Women With Constitutional and  Conservative Values

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                                YGNACIO VALLEY
                           REPUBLICAN WOMEN
                               BOARD MEETING

                  No meetings during the months
                               of June, July and August 2017



                                     YGNACIO VALLEY



                               LUNCHEON MEETING

                                      Oakhurst Country Club
                                                   1001 Peacock Creek Drive
                                                              Clayton, CA

                   No meetings during the months of

                            June, July and August 2017





The President of the United States, Donald Trump, with YVRW President Liz Hansen

​Group photo of some YVRW members who support President Donald Trump.